Let's work together to get more women on your teams.

We not only care you have diverse teams but can help you build and keep them. It starts with placing your job openings in front of the right qualified candidates. At Every Woman we look to work with those businesses who are setting an example in inclusion as well as support those who are in the process of becoming inclusive workplace leaders. Our business partners must include today’s most aware and progressive minds whose unrelenting resolve towards building workplace equity and more diverse teams speaks through their policies, benefits, perks, recruiting and hiring practices.

As we tackle, possibly the worst economic disaster women have seen in a century we turn to you, for your commitment to hire more diverse teams. Our platform can help.

Here’s what we can do for your business:

  • Provide you effective tools & strategies to hire & retain women
  • Offer direct channel to qualified candidates
  • Increase your diverse hiring efficiency
  • Job Board placement
  • Multimedia highlights

Our collaboration transcends beyond listing unlimited job openings on our job board; it’s rooted on creating value and sustainable progress.