Here is How We Get Millions of Women Back to Good Jobs

By November 21, 2021 March 31st, 2022 Diversity & Inclusion, Women, Work

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been catastrophic for women’s representation in the workplace sending the hard-earned workforce progress backwards by decades. Let’s be honest, the pandemic pulled the curtain on a long-standing failing system of American institutions and social structures, Covid-19 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Today over 5.4M+ women have left or lost their jobs since early 2020 due to the compounding challenges caused by pandemic. The price we’ll pay from having fewer working women is most daunting, in the billions economically, decades in progress for gender equity, and incalculable for women’s well-being. Its effects are damming to women’s security, economic recovery & its ability to progress, lifetime earning’s, retirement security, and women’s overall independence. EVERYONE benefits when women work, we must get women back to work.

The solution is clear, yet the path is not without proper policies in place, employer, and community support. As members of our communities, we all know women who have been negatively impacted, subsequently everyone that can do something needs to step up and do their part.

Here’s how we extend a hand to ensure women get back on the employment train: 

If you’re a policy maker:

  1. Ensure fair & equal wages.
  2. Create a robust childcare infrastructure.
  3. Give social security credits for unpaid caregivers.
  4. Offer incentives to businesses that retain/rehire/upskill more women.
  5. Offer paid family leave.

If you’re an employer including small business owner: 

  1. Offer project-based opportunities! (This act greatly benefits both sides.)
  2. Hire more women.
  3. If you’re hiring, be open to diverse backgrounds and candidates coming from other industries. They’ll enrich your workplace with benefits you don’t know today. 
  4. Promote more women.
  5. Add childcare to your list of benefits.
  6. Offer flex work schedules.
  7. Find ways to retain the women on your team.

As a community member, you can be a powerful ally and champion the women you know who have the skills yet suffered a hit in 2020. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Refer them to people you know. 
  2. Lift them at every opportunity. 
  3. Use your platform to share their efforts, projects, etc.
  4. Serve as a reference.
  5. Write them a killer recommendation on Linkedin or wherever is most effective.
  6. If you own your business, start up etc., offer project-based work. You’ll both benefit!
  7. Reach out and have a conversation. 
  8. Offer to look over their resume. Another set of eyes helps tell a more objective story.
  9. Ask how you can help.
  10. Connect them to others who may be hiring.
  11. Advocate for diversity in hiring.

We see the women who lost their jobs and the moms who stepped up and stepped in as our fragile childcare infrastructure collapsed across our country. It is time to reflect and act upon our ability to do what we can to help these women get back into good jobs! 

The power of support has never been more important for women’s advancement and re-entry into the workforce. Positive social change and addressing this crisis with sustainable action depends heavily upon our community’s willingness to stand hand in hand and give support. 

We need everyone to push women forward, as we are confronting the worst economic disaster American women have seen in a century. We need our government, employers, community, friends, and family to step up and be the drivers that get women back into the fields they know and love. Every individual effort matters and makes a meaningful difference especially yours! You in?